Moral relativity, through my eyes.

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This was sparked by a comment in my previous post. It would be customary to respond in the comments thread, but I tend to get long-winded, and to stray to tangential topics, so I felt it best to respond in a full post.

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Nihilism and the Atheist

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A common objection to atheism is that it leads to nihilism. The argument usually follows along the lines shown here, and covers the rough outline of Atheism -> naturalism/materialism (everything is just matter and physical processes) -> none of it means anything, really -> nihilism. Many non-nihilist atheists, and I imagine a number of nihilists would object to this, arguing, among other things, that there’s no reason we can’t find meaning within ourselves, each other, or the world around us.

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Fight Brainwashing, with Christianity!

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As I was surfing the internets, I came across this. If you have irony meters, particularly very sensitive ones, you might want to turn them off for this.

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My philosophy

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He who laughs last didn’t get the joke.