Fight Brainwashing, with Christianity!

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As I was surfing the internets, I came across this. If you have irony meters, particularly very sensitive ones, you might want to turn them off for this.

I’m going to go through each segment, and just comment.

Brainwashing tactics

How to resist


Produce mental and moral confusion (Cognitive


Maintain unshakable trust in God:

& Ephesians 6:10-18

First line, and we’re already off to a good start. Cognitive dissonance is what happens when you try to doublethink without being very good at it. If you hold two conflicting beliefs in your head, eventually you lean towards one over the other. The value, in a brainwashing sense, is to screw up the victim’s head, and push them toward the idea you want them to have. At this point, I’ll just mention something fun. Compare 1 John 3:18 “Let us not love words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” with this passage from the Gospel of Matthew: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”
Something tells me that qualifies as cognitive dissonance (The second quote is Jesus talking, I kid you not)

Actually, if you want a better example, read Numbers, Chapter 22. The short version: Israelites show up near Moab. King of Moab gets spooked, asks Balaam to curse the Israelites, so the Moabites can drive them out. Balaam asks ‘the LORD’, who says not to, because the Israelites are blessed. Moab asks again, with more impressive princes. Balaam tells God that they’re back, God says “If the men come to call thee, rise up, and go with them; but yet the word which I shall say unto thee, that shalt thou do.” So Balaam goes with the Moabites. God gets pissed. It gets steadily more insane from there.

Produce intimidation & fear


Be confident that He will bring the victory:
Galatians 2:20

Argumentum ad baculum. ‘Nuff said.

Produce inner and outer conflict


Rest in His sufficiency:
Philippians 4:6-7

This is essentially a rehash of the cognitive dissonance from above. For more, exciting examples, read the story of the Exodus, particularly Exodus 4:21 and 7:3, where God hardens Pharoh’s heart against the Egyptians.

Stir resentment toward parents and traditional authority


Nurture a habit of thankfulness :
Thessalonians 5:16-18

Because we all know Jesus came in peace. And commanded that we love our parents.

Manipulate the above feelings to produce
toward dissenters

God’s love

Demonstrate His overcoming love
to others:
1 Corinthians 13


Insist on open-mindedness (to new beliefs and values)


Recognize and resist deception:

Ok, they’re kind of right about this. Appeals to open-mindedness are usually lame attempts to get your brain to fall out. I’m willing to concede this one a half-point. Unfortunately for these guys, the solution is not Jeebus, it’s critical thinking.

Indoctrinate with new vision and values


Stand uncompromisingly firm on God’s Word:
Romans 12:2

GWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I swear, this stuff writes itself. I’m not even going to comment unless there’s actually something to ADD.

Ridicule & humiliate resistors (see Zero
Tolerance for Non-Compliance

Genuine humility
Follow the Shepherd, not self or the world:


Insist on personal confessions: sharing feelings in group daily

Confession to God

Delight in His righteousness, not our own: 1
John 1:9

Kind of like this? (If you don’t want to click through and look, it’s a Christian site where you send in publicly viewable confessions of your sins, usually anonymously)

Submit to state

Surrender to God

Abide in Him – our only true and lasting safety: Romans 12:1

Remember, fundamentalism will not fix your brainwashing problems!


One Response to “Fight Brainwashing, with Christianity!”

  1. Bronze Dog Says:

    Thanks for including a link to my little thing.

    And the last is just high-larious to me. Whenever the fundies I know talk politics, they try to accuse me of being anti-American for not submitting to the latest violation of the Constitution.

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