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I’ve joined an online game of Diplomacy, details here.

I’m declaring my nation (and storing a few images) here.

Nation: The Holy Empire of Asgard


The Flag of Asgard

Ground unit (Referred to as Einherjar, singular Einheri, e.g. “Major Leifson, Third Einheri. I joined the Einherjar at age 20) Emblem:


Air Unit (Referred to as the Valkyries, fleets called Valkyr [single & plural]. Individuals also called Valkyries) Emblem:


(Totally a real, Germanic Heraldry device. Hooray for the SCA)

Starting Territories and Supply Centers:

Valhalla – Supply Center: Elysi (livestock, mainly sheep)

Niflheim – Supply Center: Hel (Industrial center)

Nidavellir – Supply Center: Nidafjoll (Mines, mainly Iron and Copper)

Alfheim (coastal, if possible)



I realize I’ve stolen heavily, and probably inaccurately, from the Norse Mythology. I’m okay with that.


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