As a result of being both intensely curious and fabulously nerdy, I tend to think about random things a lot. This results in a fact or question filtering into my mental filing system, and giving birth to a spontaneous hypothesis, built on little more than speculation. I will be storing these in this post, and future posts under th “hypothesis” category.

Hypothesis 1: Dreaming.

Developed during a Psych 101 lecture on Tzeentch knows what, I developed the idea that dreams are based on the functioning of the brain. The brain, I reasoned, works through electrochemical processes, so some charge must get scattered around, left to build up. The process of sleep, then, would be twofold: first, to rest the body, and second, and possibly more importantly, to rest the mind by releasing these charges. The dream state is, usually, the mind releasing leftover charge, which results in thoughts being caused pseudo-randomly. What little memories we would have of these thoughts would be forged into a “coherent” whole by our imperfect memory systems. This would explain why dreams are accompanied, usually, by a distinct and active set of brainwaves, and why they have a tendency to correspond to our day, or whatever we were thinking about immediately before sleep.

Just a thought. No research at all went into that, so I could be (and probably am) very wrong. I will now proceed to attend the U Google and take a few classes in the biology and chemistry of the brain, to see if I can figure out the truth or falsehood behind this hypothesis.

Assumption one: The brain works through electrochemical processes, which can result in excess electropotential force between neurons.


I actually just got distracted for an hour reading about Schizophrenia on the Wikipedia, (CURSE YOU, INSATIABLE CURIOSITY!!) and the current research on dreams. I currently have 11 tabs open, and only one of them doesn’t relate to this post. I’ll get back to this some other day.


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