About Me

Pope Matthew, Illustrious un-Cabbage; Emperor Fabulous 1, the Maximally Benevolent, Beneficent Protector of Something-or-Another; His Most High President of Vice, the Full-Belly Alchemist (not my legal name) is a University student, working on a BS in Computer Sciences at a state university in the United States of America. Raised Catholic, he began to doubt and move away from the Church midway through secondary education (U.S. grade 10), and wandered through a number of neo-pagan beliefs before settling on eclectic paganism, with a focus on chaos.

Upon entering college, PMIEF1 (the short form of the name above), as an outgrowth of the chaos magick (yes, I spelled it with a ‘k’) decided to worship the Chaos Gods of the Warhammer universe, specifically Khaarneth and Tzeentch. During the second year of tertiary school, he briefly became a Discordian, before finally settling on atheism. His philosophy is largely governed by Discordian beliefs, and particularly the concept of Nonsense as Salvation [link to come].

Interests include programming, jokes, cycling, pontification at length about irrelevant subjects, and arts & crafts style activities.

He also posts online as “Brendan,” “Brendan G.”, and “The G-man”( more referent to a job at the USGS than my name)


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