Extended Analogy

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Allegorical writing writing has a long history in literature. Sometimes, a point is hard to get across with the literal facts, so a similar scenario is constructed, to illustrate the points from a more apparently objective perspective.

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Quick thought

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I was raised Catholic, and still go to Mass on occasion, as my family doesn’t yet know I’m not Catholic anymore.

At Mass yesterday, I finally came to the realization that, despite what my family thinks, transubstantiation is no less wacky than the Xenu story.

The Xenu story is an important tale in Scientology‘s beliefs, and basically states that, 75 million years ago, there was a galactic empire, ruled by Xenu, who felt his empire was getting overcrowded. He rounded up millions of undesirables, and shipped them off to Earth, where they were placed around the bases of volcanoes, which were then exploted with atomic bombs. The escaping souls were captured by traps, and retrained, so they wouldn’t come back. So they floated around until humans developed, and they attatched themselves to humans, and cause all of the problems we have.

Transubstantiation is a Catholic (and some other Christian churches) belief wherein the sacramental host and the wine are transformed, literally, into the body and blood of Jesus. Not symbolically, but literally. Somehow, this is not cannibalism.

The Xenu story is no more wacky and bizarre than the doctrine of transubstantiation. Think about that, apply the outsider standard to your own beliefs, and realize why people of other faiths, or no faith, think you might be delusional or crazy.

Moral relativity, through my eyes.

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This was sparked by a comment in my previous post. It would be customary to respond in the comments thread, but I tend to get long-winded, and to stray to tangential topics, so I felt it best to respond in a full post.

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Nihilism and the Atheist

Posted Sweetmorn, Confusion 42 YOLD 3173

A common objection to atheism is that it leads to nihilism. The argument usually follows along the lines shown here, and covers the rough outline of Atheism -> naturalism/materialism (everything is just matter and physical processes) -> none of it means anything, really -> nihilism. Many non-nihilist atheists, and I imagine a number of nihilists would object to this, arguing, among other things, that there’s no reason we can’t find meaning within ourselves, each other, or the world around us.

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Fight Brainwashing, with Christianity!

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As I was surfing the internets, I came across this. If you have irony meters, particularly very sensitive ones, you might want to turn them off for this.

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