How big is the hole?

Big, not deep.

When I signed up for this, I had so many thoughts, so much to say. How did it all leak out so fast? Is it ever going to be refilled?


Quote for today

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Truth is, The Secret is a reprehensible piece of newage schlock that latches onto greed and commercialism and exploits it for all it’s worth. That’s what it is, no two ways about it. It is not just an extended, expensive homily on the power of goal-setting and accomplishment. It makes definite testable statements and claims about universal metaphysics, none of which make any sense at all. It doesn’t require you to work for any of the things you want, just to want them bad enough.

~Akusai, Action Skeptics

Could not have put it better myself

Inagural Post

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Everyone’s got one, so why not me, right? This will, hopefully, be a blog dedicated to thought provocation, particularly in the Discordian and atheist categories.

I’m a University Student studying Computer Sciences, and I want to grow up to be a Code Monkey, which I define as ‘The guy who does most of the coding drudge work.’ I don’t actually want to be a Computer Scientist. I’m not interested in the bleeding edges of research, nor am I particularly interested in the higher levels of programming development. I happen to enjoy Code Monkey-ism. Obviously, this predilection colors my thinking. How, I’m not quite clear on, but I’m hoping to make that more clear as time goes on.

I self-define as an atheist and a Discordian. I don’t actually see a contradiction here, but that’s material for another post. In short, I find no reason to believe in any supernatural claims, and I think the universe is inherently nonsensical.

On an earlier blog (a LiveJournal, specifically) I had a tendency to post long, rambling thoughtposts, and I wanted a place to store those, a URL I could put down on comments that wouldn’t be laden with the tedium of my daily life. I suppose it was a degree of vanity, then. The desire to be seen, but only for what I consider my positive qualities. Hm, I wonder. Oh well.

My hopes for this blog are as follows:

  • PHI 215 – A series on Discordian beliefs and philosophy. It’s how I view the world
  • REL 215 – A series on Warhammer theology, specifically the Chaos Gods. It’s interesting, and I can expound at length
  • Support. I hope to have resources to back up claims that need it, and reasoning when I feel resources are unnecessary.
  • Intelligence. I hope that when people read my blog, I come off as a reasoned person, someone with whom you can discourse at length.

As a final note for this post, I really do talk like that. I’ve always hated when English teachers tell you not to ‘use big words.’ As though a decent vocabulary were something to be ashamed of.

~Pope Matthew the Illustrious Un-Cabbage, Emperor Fabulous 1, the Maximally Benevolent, Beneficient Protector of Something-or-Another. His Most High Scourge of Canadian Heretics, President of Vice and Full-Belly Alchemist.