Inagural Post

Posted Prickle-Prickle, Discord 52, YOLD 3173
Everyone’s got one, so why not me, right? This will, hopefully, be a blog dedicated to thought provocation, particularly in the Discordian and atheist categories.

I’m a University Student studying Computer Sciences, and I want to grow up to be a Code Monkey, which I define as ‘The guy who does most of the coding drudge work.’ I don’t actually want to be a Computer Scientist. I’m not interested in the bleeding edges of research, nor am I particularly interested in the higher levels of programming development. I happen to enjoy Code Monkey-ism. Obviously, this predilection colors my thinking. How, I’m not quite clear on, but I’m hoping to make that more clear as time goes on.

I self-define as an atheist and a Discordian. I don’t actually see a contradiction here, but that’s material for another post. In short, I find no reason to believe in any supernatural claims, and I think the universe is inherently nonsensical.

On an earlier blog (a LiveJournal, specifically) I had a tendency to post long, rambling thoughtposts, and I wanted a place to store those, a URL I could put down on comments that wouldn’t be laden with the tedium of my daily life. I suppose it was a degree of vanity, then. The desire to be seen, but only for what I consider my positive qualities. Hm, I wonder. Oh well.

My hopes for this blog are as follows:

  • PHI 215 – A series on Discordian beliefs and philosophy. It’s how I view the world
  • REL 215 – A series on Warhammer theology, specifically the Chaos Gods. It’s interesting, and I can expound at length
  • Support. I hope to have resources to back up claims that need it, and reasoning when I feel resources are unnecessary.
  • Intelligence. I hope that when people read my blog, I come off as a reasoned person, someone with whom you can discourse at length.

As a final note for this post, I really do talk like that. I’ve always hated when English teachers tell you not to ‘use big words.’ As though a decent vocabulary were something to be ashamed of.

~Pope Matthew the Illustrious Un-Cabbage, Emperor Fabulous 1, the Maximally Benevolent, Beneficient Protector of Something-or-Another. His Most High Scourge of Canadian Heretics, President of Vice and Full-Belly Alchemist.


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